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Unity in the Spirit (Poem)

I know that in the Realm of Truth
All Life is One, complete:
That you and I and all mankind
Are One e’er yet we meet.

I know that back of form and sense
Is Substance, Primal Cause;
And all of All that e’er can be
Is Its, the Changeless Law's.

I know that time and space and place
Mere terms of speech must be:
Could they confine or qualify
The word Infinity?

To us are absence, grief, and death,
But vain, delusive dreams,
For we, of Omnipresent Life,
Are back of that which seems:

And Matter grows a docile slave
Subservient to our will,
For when from it we rise above,
We find that all is still.

'Tis then we know that I am That—
The Beingness sublime.
Thus flee the thoughts of here and there
Of past and future time.

The vast eternal Now is felt,
Earth's night has passed away,
And Heav’n is found in Truth to be
The Land of Fadeless Day.

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