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Springtime! (Poem)

Ends cold winter’s night:
Nature's spring bells ringing:
Hidden Life to Light
From the earth is bringing.
Birds pour forth their song,
Mates their love-notes calling.
Sunbeams bright and strong
Radiant earth enthralling.

Nature's sleep is o’er,
She all sloth forsaking
Stirs in life once more
Sunbeams tend her waking.
Flowers their petals raise
In the joy of living,
Fragrant is their praise
In the great Thanksgiving.

Sunbeam’s eager play
Thro’ earth’s nooks pursuing
Insects that would stray
From their springtime wooing.
Happy youth and maid
Springtime passion swaying,
By no ill dismayed,
O’er the heathlands straying.

Springtime’s gladsome lay,
Music sweetly swelling,
Thro’ each glorious day,
New life’s joy is telling.
Never sweeter song
Sounds from organ pealing
Nor from voices strong
Came such music stealing.

Springtime quickens faith,
Life’s full tide is moving,
From the gloom of Death,
Life eternal proving,
Nature’s Holy Spell
Tells of Love far reaching,
Ruling all things well,
Divinely fair her teaching.

And the Springtime glee
Sings of Autumn harvest,
Promise fair we see
From the Love that carest.
Buds will soon be flowers
Wooed by sunshine’s blessing,
And soon Rain’s kind showers
Will be fruit caressing.

Let our Springtime song
Find its real expression
Not in words; but strong
Deeds of glad confession.
For deeds are flow’rs of Love
If in kindness given,
Perfected above
In the Harvest fair of Heav'n.

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Herbert E. E. Hayes

Little is known about this author. If you have information about this author to share, please contact me.

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