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Nature's Meaning (Poem)

O Nature, wonderful thou art.
Thy works out-span the mind of man.
Thou hast a never failing plan;
While we must do the lesser part.
Yet we with wonder look on thee—
O teach us what we ought to be.

Thy mighty mountains, spreading plains;
Thy winding streams and rippling brooks,
Thy craggy peaks and leafy nooks,
With summer sunshine. autumn rains—
All speak to us in language true,
Inspiring all life’s journey through.

Thy mighty hills, whose claw-like spurs
Appear to grip the earth with force;
Letting the tiny water course
Rush downward, thro' the countless years,
Those peaks are always capped with snow,
While men and seasons, come and go.

Our grip on Truth, like mountain peak
Should be immovable and strong.
Then should we sing the victor’s song—
Withstand the tempter’s hardest shock.
Pure like those mountain peaks of snow,
Strength, courage, fortitude we know.

With liberty to work God’s will,
And guided by His mighty strength,
We’ll reach the final goal at length,
Where all is good, and nothing ill.
Nature, thy mountains call to me,
To live my life in purity!

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E. G. Neale (Private Salonika Army)

Little is known about this author. If you have information about this author to share, please contact me.

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