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I wonder if it be necessary to remind Epoch readers that reverie is not meditation. Reverie, a kind of waking dream, is very far removed from meditation. Dreams have their place, and I do believe in dreams of beauty, dreams of happiness, dreams of service, and blessedness, and usefulness. I would have you all dreamers in that sense, for such dreams come true to the one who dreams them in singleness and purity of heart. But meditation is something more positive than dreaming. "Reverie," says the Dictionary, "is a state in which the mind abandons itself, without active control over the subjects or processes of thought, to the suggestions of fancy and associations of imagination, memory, romantic visions, vain dreams, etc." So let the one who desires to reach the place of meditation beware of reverie. In meditation there must be intention. And intention presupposes a definite plan or goal. Therefore to meditate is to have a fixed attitude of mind, which is the very antithesis of reverie. And this is why it is well to choose either a word or a principle at first on which to fix the mind, as the beginner will find it very difficult to stay the mind on abstract principles, for the power to do this lies a long way ahead, and only those who have travelled the Pathway of Meditation for many years are enabled to withdraw the mind entirely from the concrete, the specialized, the particular, and concentrate it upon the essential and the spiritual, apart from phenomena. I would have all who are reading these articles on meditation to ponder deeply on this thought, and to search their hearts and before going any further make quite sure that they are really meditating and not idly dreaming; that they have complete control of the mind, not allowing it to wander here and there with no definite object in view; and above all let them be quite sure that the supreme object of their meditation is TRUTH.

I will leave the matter at this point until next month, for it is a very important, indeed, the all important thing, to remember in the first days of meditation, and I should like those who are following these articles with interest, and I trust also with much spiritual profit, to meditate on this short article, for to have any success in the life of meditation and concentration it is necessary to lay a good foundation. Think on these things.

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Lily L. Allen

  • Born on December 30th, 1867 at Burrishoole, Eire
  • Wife of author James Allen
  • Wrote many books of her own

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