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Give Me Your Hand!

I do not mean, be of my opinion; you need not, I do not expect or desire it, neither do I mean I will be of your opinion. I cannot; it does not depend on my choice, I can no more think than I can see or hear as I will. Keep your opinion and I mine, as steadily as ever. You need not endeavor to come over to me, or bring me over to you. I do not desire you to dispute points or to hear or speak one word concerning them. Only give me your hand. I do not mean embrace my modes of worship, or I will embrace yours. I have no desire to dispute with you one moment; let all matters stand aside, let them never come into sight. If your heart is as my heart, if you love God and all mankind, I ask no more, give me your hand. —John Wesley, Exchange.

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John Wesley

  • Born on June 28th, 1703 and died on March 2, 1791
  • Theologian
  • Help found Methodism

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