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Thought's Freedom (Poem)

Though fettered to the earth enthralled by war,
Enduring all the pain of hellish strife,
My thoughts soar upwards into realms afar,
And bring me into touch with sweeter life.

Forgotten are the anguished ills of earth—
The wasteful processes involved in time,
The issues which affect my human birth,
So marred by hateful avarice and crime.

Transformed by thoughts of purity and love,
I bring myself back to the earth again,
The lessons learned in those fair realms above,
Shall make me better serve my fellow men,

Oh, that all men might know this gift divine—
That thought can raise them from the pain of earth
To revel in the bliss of that fair shrine
Where love eternal had its Holy birth.

Nothing on earth the strength of thought can bind,
If men will realize its peerless worth;
For in the womb of the eternal mind,
Conceived by love, it has its wondrous birth.

Thought flies transcendent o’er the thrall of time,
And, leaping upward from the strain and stress,
Brings me to where I taste of Life sublime,
And joy whose sweetness tongue can ne'er express.

By thought we contemplate the Love of God,
And find our strength received each passing hour,
We follow in the path that Christ once trod,
Inspired by the same unchanging power.

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Herbert E. E. Hayes

Little is known about this author. If you have information about this author to share, please contact me.

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