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Renunciation (Poem)

Lines written after reading "Epoch" leaflet "My Gold," by Mrs. James Allen

I loved my gold, and hugged it to my heart:
'Twas as the face of my Beloved, so dear,
Its very blemishes my love made clear.
But as I slept, One came, took it apart
From me, and turned as though He would depart,
With face close muffled in a veil of mist.
I cried aloud with fear, and His hand kissed
With anguished pleading lips, and fiery dart
Piercing my breast. And thus He spoke (like ice
His words): "Love’s strength is in Love's sacrifice"
Looking again, I saw my Gold in fire;
It seemed to be the face of my "Desire."
Fierce was the pain in which my soul now trod;
I rent the veil, and saw—the face of God.

My Gold, thou art the heart of my desire;
Thy blemishes the eyes of love make clear:
Yet love through sacrifice will my soul sear,
So saith the Veiled One: He who feeds the fire
Which burns around thee with such awful pain.
Ah I Veiled One, give me back my love again.
Why dost Thou hide Thy face in clinging mist,
And take my Gold from me, which I have kiss'd?
Thou needest it, my Gold, for Thy King’s crown?
But I know neither smile of his nor frown;
And care not for his diadem: But Love
Is only mine, and with him I would rove
The world. Ah! take thy hand away, which sears
My heart, and thrusts into my soul dim fears.
Thy face is marked and seared with pain, I see,
But I, my joy would have again with me.
O, take him not: My heart with anguish breaks.
Thou say’st thou dost it only for our sakes!
Thy tone speaks true; I know not should I blame.
Ah! draw away my Love from that fierce flame
Which bums in fiery crucible his face,
And makes his body writhe in its embrace.
O God! ’tis empty now: they’ve taken him
Away from me: My eyes grow dull and dim
With longing love. I'll rend that veil so fine!
Ah! yes, my God, I rest: the face is thine.

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