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A Prayer (Poem)

Infinite Nearness! Thee I see revealed
In song of bird, the flower at my door,
The happy laughter of a little child,
The star at night, the pebble on the shore,
Each unto each allied, and all in Thee,
Thou tender, loving, grand Reality,
Who art so near, so near!

Mystery shrouds Thee, but today I saw
Thee mirrored in a glance of mother-love,
A bitter word, unsaid, brought God-born strength
Akin to that for which the martyrs strove,
And growing from a small unselfish deed,
Came that rare peace for which the angels plead,
So near Thou art, so near!

Infinite Nearness! Tell me not of God
Who dwells afar, apart, in other spheres,
My Father’s here—He shares my common life,
Inspires my duties, and allays my fears,
And when night falls, like tired child I creep
Into His arms, who Ioveth all, to sleep,
He is so near, so near!

—From Unity

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Althea Ogden

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