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The Maintenance Fund

Our friends are still sending their offerings and very deeply indeed are we thankful to each one. The little slip of green paper will remain in the Magazine all the year, not only as a reminder that the work needs your help and sympathy, but also as a reminder when your subscriptions are up. Writing that word subscriptions reminds me that there are yet quite a number of blank squares in the 1918 column of the Cash Book. This fact has made the Balance Sheet a very much lower figure that it would have been had all the subscribers paid in before January 1st. We are quite sure that many are finding it more difficult now to pay their subscriptions, than in former times, for the war has not by any means increased some of our incomes, so we will not take off the names for another month, and trust that when the February Magazine comes to you, you will make an effort to send in. On account of the great shortage of paper, and the present cost of printing, etc., we are only having a very limited number of Balance Sheets printed so that only those who have contributed to the Maintenance Fund will receive one. This will be quite understood by all our readers. We are thankful to be enabled to start out on another year. We thank all those who write to say that they are making extra efforts to gain new readers. Since the beginning of the year we have booked a number of new subscribers, gained by readers showing The Epoch to friends. We are entirely depending on this for advertisement as we have no means of making The Epoch known but through the kind interest of its readers. On the back cover the full List of Donors and the donations will be found since the Fund was started by Mr. Brookes in October.

During 1918

It will be our earnest endeavor during the coming year to increase the work, and to devote ourselves heartily and entirely to it. But it will depend entirely on our readers as to the amount of work we can do. Again, I must remind you, that only by your kind help can we do any mission work, and it will be ours to do all the work as a labor of love, taking care that the very best and most is done with the material available, and where possible every expense spared. The paper difficulty is making it very hard indeed for all Magazines, but we hope we shall not have to cut down the number of pages still more. If we do our readers will understand this.

The James Allen Library

Our Publisher writes to inform us that he must add to the price of the books now. He has tried to keep The James Allen and our own books at the old prices as long as possible, and at last, very reluctantly, he has to revise the prices to meet the times. Our readers will find the revised prices on the back of the cover. In ordering please send to the Publisher and not to The Epoch Office as heretofore, as we have not the time now, nor the help, to enable us to sell the books. Some day perhaps we may be able to stock the books again. And will you remember that every time you buy a James Allen book you are directly helping the Editor to give all her time to the work of The Epoch? Use our books as gifts for your friends; give them to your boy friends as they leave you for the Front; they have blessed and helped many and many a soldier, and we would that we were in a position to send them by scores, yea, hundreds to the men. This may appear a selfish request on our part that you should buy our books, but no reader will judge us so. It is just because you know we are consecrated to the work James Allen left us to do that we ask you to help us so, and that we may be able to always give a book where it is greatly needed. If one could only publish all the letters that come to us from the people who have read the books you would understand our deep longing to send them out in greater and greater numbers to bless and help the world, and especially at this time.

Articles and Poems

We shall be glad to receive articles and poems from our readers for publication in the Magazine. We used to pay for such contributions but cannot do so now. All who write for its pages do so as a free will offering. Many, we are sure, have a message, and the gift to express it, if they would only try. Every contribution will be carefully read and kindly considered. If it is not suitable, and the writer would like to know why, we shall be very pleased to point out where it is weak, and how to improve in style, &c., &c. Let all who have a message, all who have had experience endeavor to pass it on through our pages and the Magazine will become more and more alive, because it will be LIFE, it will be something you have felt and known, and therefore it must be powerful. Who will make an effort? We are almost astonished at the powerful influence of the Letter Box, for we had no idea it was so valued until we asked if it should be stopped. And why is it so powerful, so valued? Because it is experience. So your articles and poems, or letters will be powerful if you just write out from your very heart your aspirations and experiences.
We would like to ask all those who have been receiving The Epoch as a gift if they would now make an effort to pay the subscription, so that the free copy that went to you may go to some other who has not known it, or who cannot pay for it. If it has blessed and helped you, be willing now to help it in return, especially as it will mean that some other struggling soul may have the light and the help that you have had. Will you?

Yes, we will all help, and all love, and all hope, and all make greater and greater efforts this year than ever before, and God will bless us, and His blessing will be upon the work, and many shall be strengthened and brought into the Light of Love and Peace.

New words to speak, new thoughts to hear.
New love to give and take,—
Perchance new burdens I may bear
Today, for love’s sweet sake."
—From A Morning Song

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James Allen

James Allen was a little-known philosophical writer and poet. He is best recognized for his book, As a Man Thinketh. Allen wrote about complex subjects such as faith, destiny, love, patience, and religion but had the unique ability of explaining these subjects clearly and in a way that is easy to understand. He often wrote about cause and effect, sowing and reaping, as well as overcoming sadness, sorrow, and grief. For more information on the life of James Allen, click here.

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