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The Key of Victory (Poem)

I therefore appoint January 6th, 1918, to be set aside as a special day of prayer and thanksgiving...throughout my dominions.—George R. I.

Thro’ future years this Royal Mandate will
Uttered by Britain’s King all nations thrill,
For Faith in God has urged him to declare
That Britain must gain victory thro' prayer.
More thrilling still will be the wondrous scene,
An Empire's nations bowed in prayer serene
Tho' stung to death by war’s harsh chastening rod,
They bow in humble thanksgiving to God:
To rise renewed as warriors inspired
With strength to win the victory long desired,
No foe shall conquer empire which can share
Its burden in each grand united prayer.
Led by the King—Defender of the Faith—
They rise and forward go, fearless of death.
No mightier weapon can an empire bear
Than strength which comes through eager, humble prayer.

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Herbert E. E. Hayes

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