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A New Year’s Message

Perhaps no phase of modern life is so strongly marked as that which affects the social side of man. The term brotherhood has become so common that we are in danger of losing its real significance. It is acknowledged that God is—the All Father, that all are His children. He is ever present. He would have us to understand His will, which implies freedom to work out His purposes. The impulse, the desire to seek God, we have discovered, comes from within. The outer world avails little. Circumstances are subordinate factors. At the same time, circumstances and environment cannot be ignored. But there must be a concentration of forces to achieve the one purpose of life. The necessity for action will follow.

It is always well to remember at Christmas time when we celebrate the coming of One who has taught us how to live, that life becomes good in proportion to the acceptance of His word, and the rejection of everything to the contrary. In this endeavor the individual will become a participator of the Divine, for unless there be personal communion with God, the spiritual side of life will deteriorate. By following the intuitions of the soul, while at the same time adjusting everything to the circumstances of life, we may enjoy a double blessing, for the recipient will radiate his influence on others, and it the same time be the richer.

Spiritual discernment depends upon the exercise of all the power acting in harmony with the Divine. As the physical life is dependent on the health of the body, so the spiritual conditions must be favorable to secure the soul's vision. But the physical senses must assist the higher longings of the soul they must not serve as a drag. And this brings us to consider the position of brute force in relation to man; we see its power manifested in the present war and though the ape and the tiger have not ceased, the future of the race must be chiefly concerned with spiritual development. Man must feel that he is a co-worker with God. By properly directed energy, guided by the Divine will, man must move forward. Failures there may be, but the general trend towards the goal, and everyone may hope to win the victory. Let us, therefore, be inspired with the belief that life is a great and noble calling.

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J. G. Wright, F. R. S. L.

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