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A Morning Invocation (Poem)

The morning Sun mounts yonder hill,
The morning breezes play:
In day’s pure light the stars of night
Fade silently away.

The Power Divine that framed all lives
Unfolding to the dawn,
Invoke my soul to sing the praise
Of rosy-fingered morn.

Above the soft day’s breathing quiet
Rises the city's hum,
And warblings fill the woodland glen,
Which ere while waited dumb.

O Holy Power, throughout this day
My strength and portion be,
To yield to life a heart of faith,
And Love's sweet sympathy.

Make me a light to those who grope,
A door to those who seek,
A solace to the hearts that mourn,
A refuge to the weak.

A buoy to bear the sinking freight
Of many a frail soul’s bark,
To hearts far tossed on stressful seas,
A friendly, kindly ark.

Unfold the power of good in me,
Beyond Faith’s utmost bound,
Till life above, and life below,
Reflect heaven's perfect round.

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R. Edwards James

Little is known about this author. If you have information about this author to share, please contact me.

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