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Omnipresence (Poem)

O spirit now Thy Love Divine
Each atom of my being thrills;
With Thy All-Power and knowledge mine,
I have no consciousness of ills.

Great Omnipresence, my whole mind
Is at this moment stayed on Thee;
Love, Peace and Joy within I find,
Now, and thro' all eternity.

This wondrous universe by Will,
Almighty Being Thou hast made,
Thy Presence doth creation fill,
Thy Power in all things is displayed.

Thou sweepest thro' the realms of space,
And in each atom Thou art there
Supremely reigning in all place,
Naught can exist without Thy care!

But Lord this thought I hold most dear,
Thy Mighty Spirit is IN ME;
There is no cause for doubt or fear;
I can do all things Lord thro' Thee.

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Florence E. Hayes

Little is known about this author. If you have information about this author to share, please contact me.

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