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The Unseen is the Real (Poem)

Vain are appearances,
Yet we are their victims,
Sinking each day deep in the mire;
Thinking we're these things
Called "successes" and "failures,"
Looking without instead of within.
When shall we shake off this tyrannical thralldom?
Rise to the heights of soul-life Divine;
Claim our just heritage—
Union with spirit,—
Untouched and unmoved
By sensuous things,
Reigning in silence,
Hidden in mystery,
Calm and serene in ecstatic repose,
Unattached and majestic
Midst all outside changes,
Wielding the scepter of forces unseen,
Preaching to mankind
In sermons without words,
Drawing the reckless
By magnetic love-ties;
Only by such means
May we return to the Father
From whom we emerged—
Our blest Haven of Rest.

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Arthur E. Massey

Little is known about this author. If you have information about this author to share, please contact me.

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