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The Real Presence (Poem)

Nor merely when before the altar bending,
Whereon the symbols of Thy Love are spread—
To blood red wine in holy chalice standing,
Or on the paten that sad broken bread.
Nor in the cloistered aisle with organ pealing
The anthems grand in praise of Thy dear Love;
But everywhere I have the gracious feeling
Which to my soul Thy Presence Real doth prove.

The Bond of Love so strong needs no reminder
Of all that Thou hast borne, dear Lord, for me.
I need no emblems of Thy Passion tender,
Thy Presence ever keeps me glad and free.
I need no bread to show Thy body broken,
No wine to show Thy blood so gladly shed.
I hear sweet words of Love forever spoken,
And thus my faith by Living Word is fed.

O grant, dear Lord, that I may ever glory
In this sweet beauty of Thy Presence rare,
Nor cease by deeds of Love to tell the story
Of Life laid down that God’s life men might share.
May Thy dear Love bind me in closer union,
That passing days may find me more like Thee,
Gaining abundant Life thro' sweet communion,
Serving by Love that others may be free.

And Lord, I pray that I may never stumble,
Nor from Thy glad sweet Presence ever fall.
So keep me rich in love yet ever humble,
A willing slave, held by Thy gracious Thrall.

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Herbert E. E. Hayes

Little is known about this author. If you have information about this author to share, please contact me.

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