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Laughter! (Poem)

All Nature seems to laugh when I am glad,
And laughter is the music I most love,
It cheers me when I weary sit—and sad,
And from ill humor lifts me high above.
There’s music in the laughter of the breeze,
A gladsome frolic in the rustling leaves,
There’s laughter in the waving, happy trees,
And in the moving grass upon the leas,
The sky above has caught the joyous mood,
And chasing all across her glorious blue,
Bathed in the merry sunshine's radiant flood,
The shapely sun-kissed clouds are laughing too.
It rises in the burbling of the brook,
I hear it in the fragrance of the flowers:
While from the elms the joyful mother rook
Laughs merrily thro’ lazy sunny hours.
There’s laughter in the waves upon the strand,
While merry bathers revel hand in hand,
The echoes roll adown the mountains grand
Thro’ forest glade, or o’er the desert sand.
These scenes I love—but more than these I love
The music which entrances more than all,
The rippling laughter of the lips I love,
Which holds me ever in a gladsome thrall.

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Herbert E. E. Hayes

Little is known about this author. If you have information about this author to share, please contact me.

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