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Gather the Moments

Tick, tick—another moment gone. Swiftly, almost stealthily marshalling itself in line with the hours and days of passing Eternity. Oh those moments! What grim jests they play with those of us who count but vaguely, days—months—years; how they delight in hiding from our careless sight the treasures with which they are laden; how willingly, withal, they share their precious burden with those who bravely challenge. The greatest of all achievements is to use the moments wisely. They are the silent interpreters of the power and depth of the Soul. To know the best that life can give is to catch them in their tireless flight and scatter here and there amongst them happy, pure, and loving thoughts. Seek to know the moments, and your own personality in all its power and splendor shall be revealed. Live with them, and you shall live with your ideal. Suffer them to be lost in the blinding maze of aimlessness and doubt, and your ideal can only be seen and recognized in fitful, passing gleams. Live in the moments, and be happy in the ever-present consciousness that the pathway of your life is bright with the light of noble purpose, high aim. Forget not that every moment has its message; forget not that none can ever be known except by industry of mind and hand. There is much work to be done. Look around you—gather the moments.

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H. L. Pearce

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