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Discipline of Denial

Like spoilt children we hold out our hands for those things we desire and cannot have, and the fact that they are denied to us makes us crave the more, Later on we find how little they would have satisfied us, and how lightly we appreciated the good we then possessed.

It is part of our moral growth to have denied us what we in our blindness most wish for. To each individual soul come desirable things if we ourselves are receptive and capable of appreciating to the fullest those things which fall to our lot.

Humble duties serve as that training and discipline of character which are the chief requisites for high avocations and far-reaching responsibilities.
—Emma Marie Caillard
In time of fever the physician will hinder you from drinking, but he cannot prevent you from bearing thirst well. He will hinder you from eating, but he cannot prevent you from bearing hunger well.

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