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Our thoughts make our life, and just as work is necessary to everyone whether rich or poor, man or woman, to make the full and balanced life, so is it necessary to take a time apart from the influence of the world and business ties when we can, that we may read the true meaning of life.

To the artist, the lover of the beautiful, every scene, every face, will have to him some message, and in some way this inner beauty must be expressed and conveyed to the outer world. To the poet and musician there will be revealed a world of harmonies in every song of bird, in rustling breeze, and in the great solitudes of Nature. And so poet, artist, or musician must give forth to the world the best according to the inspiration given them, must give their very selves in their work.

We cannot all express ourselves thus, but I think if we really want to live good, useful, and beautiful lives, we must just be like little children in spirit, knowing there is a great Love ruling over us all, and giving us all we need, if we but make the most of every gift.

And so in the quiet home-life of the little daily duties may arise the most beautiful opportunities, for it is in those hours of pure labor often the sweetest thoughts may come, and the greatest joy can only be known when the plain duties have been rightly fulfilled. Only in untiring service is the beautiful life built.

We are all servants, servants in the highest sense, let us be willing servants, and give the best we have.

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Rose L. Amos

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