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A Thought on Prayer

Intelligent prayer, in the ordinary acceptance of the word, is always linked with effort. It is not necessary t0 have evolved a very high order of reason to perceive that we may not have just anything we desire for the mere asking; but the desire of our faith is demonstrated by the extent to which we come into harmony with the laws which govern the desired conditions. Well is it for us when we are made to understand that the simplest law will neither be modified, nor the plan of the universe altered in the slightest particular, however much we agonize, however vehemently we invoke Divine aid.

All selfish desires are reaching after illusions, and although we pray never so fervently to God that they may be satisfied, the prayer does not alter their nature; they are not made holy thereby; neither do the objects turn to ashes at our touch any the less.

Prayer to be satisfying must be utterly unselfish. An aspiration is the perfect expression of selfless love, a speechless contemplation of the Divine, and an attempt to realize our oneness with the infinite.
We are babes, mere babes; we know so little. The glitter of our toys is so absorbing, the anguish of our immediate sorrows so overwhelming.
—Archdeacon Wilberforce

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