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None Liveth to Himself

We live not for ourselves. We are not made merely for happiness; e’en though we seek our joy in rightful channels. We are made each for the other; and so strange is life, so twined, so complex, that our simplest move—a word—a thought—the glancing of an eye—may turn a multitude. How purely then should we distil our motives! With what care weigh probable results! How constantly seek wisdom from on high! ’Tis not enough to say the thing we crave is good and fair, and God forbids it not; but we must ask how will it touch my brother? Will this act, harmless to me, affect his steadfastness? My rest increase his toil? My ecstasy serve but to wake his woe? And if our aim stand not this test, if it would prove a snare unto another, aye, e’en though it scarce brush the soft bloom from his fair flower of faith; we may not do that thing.

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Florence M. Solomon

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