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My Wish (Poem)

When o’er my soul a gentle peace is stealing,
And on the breeze, from unknown realms above,
I hear a voice like bells at evening pealing,
Calling me upward with a tone of love—
Then may I turn to Thee, my soul uplifting,
And ask Thee for that strength I sorely need,
O Love Divine! keep me from slowly drifting
Without ideals along the flowery mead.

Let me, Thy child, take brightness ever with me
To homes all dark and drear,
Turning the steps of weary ones unto Thee,
Dispelling gloom and fear.
Thus shall I help to make this sad world better,
Uncovering sin and woe,
And gently loosening every chain and fetter
Which binds men here below.
Then forward on my journey brightly going,
Till sin and suffering cease;
I’ll see at last beyond me, softly flowing,
The river of Thy Peace.


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Florence Adams

Little is known about this author. If you have information about this author to share, please contact me.

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