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The Lowly Way

How frequently one is apt to miss the path in one’s search for Truth. Even after years of experience, the road is often mistaken through our ignorance and blindness, we being deceived by our ideas of mental and spiritual unfoldment—great heights which we fondly imagine we have reached. The ‘New Thought,’ as it is called, attracts many who are seeking a more enlightened and broader way than has previously been vouchsafed to them; but if much thought and meditation and severe self-examination is not habitually practiced, there is a great danger of the last state becoming worse than the first. The desire to attain occult powers and to become as gods in knowledge; the desire to control others for our own ends, as taught in some handbooks and guides to psychical research, are most unwholesome desires and both harmful and pernicious in their results; and many find, too late, that the powers when attained are entirely undesirable, and crumble away beneath their touch, leaving them still unsatisfied. Another teaching equally as pernicious is the constant dwelling on and repetition of the thought "I am," leading, as it not infrequently does, to spiritual pride and alienating the soul from dependence on, and faith in the Spirit of All Good, with whom is no variableness nor shadow of turning. To be independent, to know one’s self to conquer one’s lower nature indeed, is to be much desired, and once a man knows himself, and has conquered his passions, he has already entered the path of Wisdom, and become a disciple of Peace and Truth. And yet, it is easy to miss the path, and the spirit of pride so frequently evinced, shows plainly that we have failed to learn the first principles of humility. Well it is for us if we are alive to our failings, and are watchful, seeking ever to eradicate our faults and to know ourselves. There is one way only by which we can see clearly the path—and that is by selfless love. The Spirit of Truth can only be seen and known and comprehended by Perfect Love. Read with clear vision the beautiful story of the resurrection of Jesus. You will remember that His body, having been laid in the sepulcher, sealed and guarded, the disciples go early on the first Easter morning, and find the stone rolled away. They don’t understand yet, for in spite of their close companionship with the Master, they failed to grasp the meaning of His words—"This temple shall be destroyed and rebuilt in three days." One looked in, and saw the linen clothes lying—folded up—and cast aside. It is not till the intuitive love of the woman—emptied of self—sees and knows the Lord, that the glorious Truth becomes known. There is a volume in the Master’s one word—‘Mary’—and a whole world of Love in the wondering and rapturous recognition—‘Master.’ Like many another sweet Bible story, the teaching contained in this story is frequently missed. To know Truth and develop the selfless Love, and see the Christ in All, we must cast away the huge stone of Ignorance, fling away the grand clothes which bind and fetter us to earth, and stand upright, free, rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, manly in sweet humility, and evincing love to all according to the New Commandment. When retiring at night, before sinking to sleep— say, ‘My love to the world’—and send out quiet, strong thoughts of peace and healing to those in need. The world sorely needs love—and this, and nothing else, will transform and reform it. Let then, our New Thought develop along the lines of the New Commandment given by the Master—‘Love one another’—for this embraces all else, and is the gateway to Knowledge, Wisdom, Truth, and Peace. 

We should adopt the golden rule, namely, to avoid the use of the first personal pronoun as much as possible.
—James Clare
Sorrow shall not increase on those who increase pleasure by constant kindness.
—The Sacred Anthology
His action no applause invites
Who simply good with good repays;
He only justly merits praise
Who wrongful deeds with good requites.

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Sydney Rist

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