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Faith and Courage

If you have failed hitherto to live up to the standard aspiration reveals, do not be discouraged. We all come through the mire which ignorant actions accumulate, and feel sweeter and cleaner for the experience. We can feel that work has been done and that we are cleansed. Much as one falling into filthy mud realizes the cleanliness of a bath and change of raiment.

If past actions now involve you in trying circumstances face them bravely. Be thankful that you perceive error and avoid it, but push forward courageously and reduce the obstacle. Know that your continued action is already reducing it, and that the present is building the conditions of the future.

Think of everyday action as demolishing the barriers which you have erroneously erected. You will thus go and work steadily, knowing that continual and steady efforts are a sure and reliable means of accomplishing the purpose. Do not get impatient and waste energy in feverish efforts. When it is apparent to you that a month is required, do not try and do it in a week, or blame external and foreign agencies, or you will only make matters harder.

Never mind; time drill at the difficulties persistently and they will go before you can quite realize what faith and courage have done.

Do not lament, do not relax, but keep the end in view—courage to do—faith to continue.


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John D. MacDonald

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