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Teach me (Poem)

Teach me, O seers that I trust!
Chant me the difficult strain
Leadingout of my sorrow and madness;
Preach me the purging of pain!
What shall I do to be just?
Teach me, O ye in the light!
Whom the poor and the rich alike trust;
My heart is aflame to be right.

Extracted from The Cry of the Age

Suffering is a heavy plow, driven by a hand of iron. The more ungrateful and rebellious the soil, the more it tears; the richer and softer the soil, the deeper it delves.
—Carmen Sylva
All strong men begin by worshiping at a shrine, and if they continue to grow they shift their allegiance until they know only one altar; and that is the Ideal which dwells in their own heart.
—Elbert Hubbard


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Hamlin Garland

  • Full name was Hannibal Hamlin Garland
  • Born September 14th, 1860 and died on March 4th, 1940.
  • American novelist and poet.

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