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November Star (Poem)

November Star, November Star,
Gleaming so brightly, from afar,
In darkest night when all is still—
With rapture thou my soul dost fill;
The moon may hide her silv’ry sheen,
But thou hast ever faithful been;
Shine, Star of pure unsullied light!
Midst thickest clouds thou art most bright.

And tho’ the moon may chance to rise,
I ne’er thy beauty will despise,
For thou art shining yet the same
When other stars grow faint, and, wane.
Shine on the path of young and old,
Comfort where grief her tale has told,
Blend life with life, link heart to heart,
Help all to bravely do their part.

Unchanging Star of Love Divine,
Around our hearts thou dost entwine
The sweetest thoughts we can desire,
And kindness that shall never tire.
Thou joy to ev’ry life wilt sing,
If but the heart pure seeing bring,
Its goodness, grace and truth display,
And Love’s best dictates e’er obey.

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Ethel Charlotte Platten

Little is known about this author. If you have information about this author to share, please contact me.

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