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A.H.G. writes:—"I have read with great interest 'The Five Stages in Temptation' in your Magazine for March. It has suggested to me,—

1. Whether it is possible to pass from 'pure perception' to the stage where defilement sets in without 'cogitation '?

2. Whether it is possible to command perfect purity of mind? If not, then what is the source of impure thoughts?"

Reply:—1. In any process of growth, whether it be natural or spiritual, no portion of the process can be overleaped. It can be greatly accelerated, but it is impossible for it to be eliminated.

2. It is possible to attain to perfect purity of mind. The source of all impure thoughts is the unenlightened mind.

J. M., India—Perhaps the people about you are not so "selfish" as they appear to be to you. Look for some good in them, and you will doubtless find it. Look, also, deeply into your own heart, and resolve to be unselfish yourself, whatever others may be. In this way you will help others, and will be in peace yourself

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James Allen

James Allen was a little-known philosophical writer and poet. He is best recognized for his book, As a Man Thinketh. Allen wrote about complex subjects such as faith, destiny, love, patience, and religion but had the unique ability of explaining these subjects clearly and in a way that is easy to understand. He often wrote about cause and effect, sowing and reaping, as well as overcoming sadness, sorrow, and grief. For more information on the life of James Allen, click here.

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