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The Manifestation of Truth

When that receptive attitude of mind necessary for the influx of Truth has been attained, the reasoning power of man is enabled to confirm the purpose and the progress of individual life.

The intellect of humanity is the servant of Truth; it can acknowledge Truth, but of itself it cannot attain it.

He is only a wise man who can make himself intelligible to a little child. The intellectual capacity does not constitute wisdom, but is the medium through which wisdom is received.

A young child's nature is Love; the common nature of all, and the basis of Life. In accordance with the degree of intellectual capacity acquired by growth, a corresponding degree of this Love-nature is required. When the intellect is guided by the Love-nature, there is wisdom.

The higher powers of man with which we are slowly becoming acquainted, are resultant from this wisdom. It is an inward knowledge that constitutes Life in its fullest sense, for by it the physical being, and its circumstances, are enabled to be controlled.

This fact is daily being proved by the experiences of many, for Truth is ever becoming at more conscious reality.

The emancipation of all humanity from suffering to peace is the work of Truth. Each one works out his own salvation by the identification of himself with this work,—by overcoming the conception of himself as a separate entity, and living in the realization of the unity of Life.

The highest gift that a man can possess is the gift of Truth. Not by intellectual labor can this be obtained, but by humility and self-sacrifice. He who loses his life (personal desires) will find a higher life. He will make his mind receptive for the influx of Truth, and, when its light has gladdened his soul, he will go forward as a new man.

This is the manifestation of Truth; it gives light to them that sit in darkness, and guides their feet into the way of Peace.

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Alfred W. Berry

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