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Love, The Inspiration of Life

Every time the soul of a man is inspired by the breath of Love, the world is made anew. The air he breathes becomes spiritual and ethereal, and is fraught with divine messages from other spheres. The walls of flesh are rent asunder, and the soul is filled with light; expanding to the uttermost ends of the universe, it comprehends it, merging all things into one with itself. Life becomes a new revelation with this inspiration; even the hum and the roar of busy thoroughfares become subdued, musical, and suggestive; flowers become symbolical of things strange and beautiful; and the universe is seen to be filled with Light, Love, and Truth. All things become beautiful to thought, sweet and harmonious to hearing, and Godlike to sight. The Kingdom of Heaven is manifested within. The soul is filled with sweet harmonies, and in an ecstasy of love towards man and ever living creature takes upon itself wings of purity and spreads them over the earth. Enclosing the universe with its wings, it sends its love into the hearts of all; and, comprehending all things, is full of sympathy and compassion, bringing everything into harmony with itself, and judging none unworthy of its love and protection.

Therefore, since love is the happiest and most powerful and Godlike condition of life, let a man open the gateways of his soul to this divine influence, and each breath shall be an inspiration, each thought a beam of light Ending lodgment in the heart of another, each act a symbol of love endearing him to others, and every human being a mirror in which is reflected the God within himself.

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