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Nothing is more desired than happiness. Few, notwithstanding, reach the goal where this prize is obtained. If it is admitted that man is born to suffer, not more than a creature here and there will attempt to battle for the realization of a higher life.

Man will take whatever pleasures come to him; the setting aside of self for the good of humanity is only learnt now and then; it is forgotten that happiness is more a matter of conduct towards others than of grasping at pleasures for ourselves. True, this lesson of unselfishness is hardest of all, but will it ever be learnt without a commencement? To promote peace is work for a hero, so long as the sorrows of life are never easily extinguished. If, however, happiness be the end of such toil, we shall be rewarded; if in working for others we find ourselves happier why not continue? If the world is really better, it must have been worthwhile to make it so. Let us then strive to make others happy.

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George Weeds

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