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Aspirations, what are they? They are the fledglings of our nests, scarcely clothed with the feathers of mature thought, which nevertheless yearn heavenwards to that which lies above and beyond, with never-ceasing longing.

These yearnings are snatches from the one eternal Harmony. We have as yet not resolved the notes of our melody, but one day we shall awaken and know that they have become a part of the glorious song which echoes through the dome of the Kingdom of Heaven—the song of the victors over the world.

"Aspiration," says the worldling, "that is mere idle dreaming. You may aspire, but you will never attain, therefore be wise, rest satisfied with the ordinary citizenship of the world. What is the use of crying for the moon? The world is full of material facts that can be grasped; do not waste time striving after that which has no tangible form."

"Come," says Pleasure, "life is enjoyment; we must live, let us therefore be as happy as we can." But what say the wise man and the Prophet who range themselves on the Platform of Reason? "The things which are not seen are eternal," says Paul of Tarsus, who had penetrated beyond, and seen within the Veil. The things of this world, its pleasure, its gains, its honors, the wise man pronounced vanity of vanities—that is, emptiness.

As for the disciple of Truth—It is his aspirations which are the strength, the stay of his life, even though he has not attained. He does not rejoice in what he has of fame, wealth, love of friends, or present enjoyment—no, in none of these, but in the knowledge that he is striving, and has striven, to attain to the high Peak of Perfection, upon which stands the figure of the Perfect Man. On his life's journey he is conscious that he sometimes loses sight of this dazzling eminence, nevertheless throughout it is to him the Reality in a world of shadows.

"What comfort is there in a joy never fully tasted?" asks the worldling. The truest joy of all is the knowledge and certainty of Truth. The aspiring attitude of the Truth-lover is the pledge of his spiritual citizenship. It leads him to look beyond the present manifestations; like angel-whisper it never lets him rest satisfied in what he has attained; daily he is bidden to "pitch his life" in yet a "higher key," and the upward march is not toilsome, but ever fraught with new joy as fuller knowledge bursts upon his longing gaze, and he realizes that those who seek shall find.

Raphael produced the work of an aspiring soul, and in recognizing this, Andrea, the faultless painter, whose aspirations were fettered and well nigh crushed by the worldly atmosphere into which he had sunk, exclaims in conscious agony of his failure as he gazes on the work of the Master, " Out of me! Out of me!"

Let us then prize our aspirations and not turn aside from these inward yearnings after the highest, for we may be sure each shall at last find the centre where the solution of all lies.

The moment comes to all, be they cynic, profligate, or merely careless weakling, when they desire to live nobly, to grasp the key which unlocks the Mystery of Life.

To you this very aspiration is the key. Your yearning for something higher than your present self is the prelude to a nobler destiny, realize that these moments are the real ones; link each aspiring thought to the other, and like the Golden Thread which led out of the maze, they will lead you into the Light, and you will know that the great struggling mass of creation is turning slowly but surely to the Source of its being, and shall at length attain, and rest in the full knowledge off the Infinite Mind.

Let us remember that nothing befalls us that is not of the nature of ourselves. There comes no adventure but wears to our soul the shape of our everyday thoughts, and deeds of heroism are but offered to those who for long years have been heroes in obscurity and silence.
—Maurice Maeterlinck

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