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The Voice of Spring (Poem)

To wander lonely in the lanes,
How charming in the early Spring!
The glamour of her witchery
We feel her all around us fling.

As thus we walk, no friend beside
To claim attention, thought, or word,
The influence of the season comes,
Our inmost being’s pulse is stirred.

The bright green of the hedgerow wild,
After the months of somber grey,
All nature waking after sleep,
Preparing for the wealth of May.

The cattle grazing in the fields,
Beside them are the sheep and lambs
So pure and white and full of glee,
Skipping beside their woolly dams.

The upland sward, how fresh and green!
Stretching away to hills afar,
Which rise to softly rounded wolds,
Enveloped in the clouds they are.

The birds have found again a voice,
All jocund is their sweet spring song;
The air is filled with love-notes sweet,
Enrapt’ring as we walk along!

How does the spirit of the scene
Entrance the senses, calm the mind!
Till, steeped in all this loveliness,
We seem another world to find.

The cares and worries of our life
All disappear as ’neath a spell,
Forgotten are its strife and woe,
And for the moment all is well.

Then does the spirit converse hold
With the great Spirit of the whole;
Then adoration, love, and, trust,
Wonder and worship fill the soul!

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