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The Mystic Union (Poem)

"My Beloved is mine and I am His."

It is enough that I have seen Thy face,
Have looked into Thine eyes of uttermost calm;
Have heard Thy voice chanting the living psalm
Of that which is, and was, and is to come.

Thy will and mine? I know no "Thou" and “me,”
For out beyond the range of audible sound,
Too high, too low, too fine for that, is found
One note responding to all utterances.

My will and Thine? I know no "me" and "Thou,”
Only that I was blind; and now I see
That what Thou art I am; not I shall be,
That is the cloud that Hits before the sun.

That is the veil that hid Thee from my sight;
It is enough, for I have seen Thy face;
I know Thee; not across a little space,
I know Thee as myself, most intimately.

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E. M. Wreford

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