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Govern Your Energies

Electricity was in the world for some millions of years before man found it out. He did not learn how to run an electric car until twelve or fifteen years ago. He was not able to send his thought around the world. Electricity is the greatest thing we have discovered, but it is not the greatest thing we ever shall discover.

Now apply this to what we call sin and suffering in life. There is a great deal of suffering that is caused by misapprehension, just as an animal suffers because he does not really see things in their true relations. Sin and suffering are precisely alike in the last analysis, and they are caused by our allowing our bodies and our circumstances to master us rather than our mastering them. The real difficulties that confront us are glorious; they are stones in building the world structure, and essential elements in forming personal and social character. All desirable things might come to us better by the experience of the opposite of pain and evil if we knew how to use the divinest law. The evil and the pain are divine expedients, and they only exist in order that man may learn to live without them. In the line of the greatest temptation that ever came to you are the indications of what you are to be and to do. The man who burns with passion is gifted with great possibility, if only his desires may be rightly directed.

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Benjamin Fay Mills

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