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The City of Righteousness (Poem)

Bright and fair, the Golden City
Gleams from out the legends old;
Everlasting light shines o’er it,
Wondrous things of it are told.

Only righteous men and women
Dwell within its sacred walls;
Wrong is banished from its borders;
Justice reigns throughout its halls.

We are builders of that City;
All our joys and all our groans
Help to rear its shining ramparts,
All our lives are building-stones.

And the work that we have builded
(Oft with weary hands and tears,
Oft in error and in anguish),
Will not perish with the years;

It will last and shine transfigured
In the final reign of Right!
It will pass into the splendors
Of the City of the Light.



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