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Peace of Mind

Where worry or over-anxiety dwell peace of mind cannot abide, for they are opposites, and one will always banish the other.

Worry is a sin, and indicates want of faith in the Law of Good. Anxiety is but human at times, and an anxious person is at least free from the charge of indifference. Still, even legitimate anxiety may become exaggerated if we are not on our guard, and determined to allow nothing to rob us of the Peace which should be ours.

There is much talk about trusting in Providence, or having faith in God, with little realization of the meaning of the terms. It is, however, of great importance to rightly under- stand their meaning. Business people know full well that to simply trust in Providence is a straight road to Bankruptcy, unless backed up with well directed effort and other necessary qualifications; again, faith in God will not ensure success in worldly affairs for any but the competent and the deserving, in fact for those who have earned it.

And because all this is so, there are many who sneer openly at the name of Providence, and at the mention of Faith, and assert boldly that a man’s success is due to his wits and to nothing else, and that the schemer succeeds where the saint fails. To argue this is, of course, to rashly jump at conclusions with very superficial reasoning, or rather no reasoning at all.

Faith plus effort plus patience must spell success, even though it spell not worldly riches. To trust in the Law of Good is to sow the seed of right effort, knowing that the harvest must and will come in due season, however long delayed ; if not in the exact form we expected, then in some other and perhaps better way. To do this is to trust in Providence, not in a vague meaningless sense, but as a definite rule of life, the observance of which will free us from a thousand. Worries and anxieties which fret our lives, and enable us to possess that peace of mind which the world can neither give or take away, for it belongs to the Eternal and Abiding.

Cull from every faith and race the best
And bravest soul for counselor and friend.
Single is every living creature born,
Single he passes to another world,
Single he eats the fruit of evil deeds,
Single, the fruit of good; and when he leaves
His body, like a log or heap of clay
Upon the ground, his kinsmen walk away;
Virtue alone stays by him at the tomb,
And bears him through the dreary, trackless gloom.

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Francis S. Blizard

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