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Than to Receive Giving does not alone consist of giving bread to the hungry, or clothing to the naked, of giving shelter to the homeless, or work to the unemployed; but it also consists of giving kind words, helpful thoughts, loving looks, and good deeds, and surely we can all give these. Do not let us forget that while our material nature craves for material food, our spiritual nature craves even more earnestly for spiritual food. Kind words, helpful thoughts, loving looks, and good deeds, these are the foods that suffering humanity is hungering for today. Let us give them with a generous hand. “Freely ye have received, freely give.” If we have kind words, let us speak them for the good of those about us. If we have gladness in our hearts, may we let it shine forth to gladden others. If we have helpful thoughts, may we let them flow, for great is their power.

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Christie Campbell

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