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Hope might be rightly named a refuge, a last refuge to the aspirant for truth, particularly before the stronghold Faith is reached. When actions take place without clear and well defined purposes, we resort to hope, trusting the conditions which ensue will bring the desired result. It governs that state of action in life when pure knowledge is still covered by inexperience. Faith might well be said to differ from hope in this respect, faith being steadfast and all actions from this condition being the outcome of an understanding of Law by perception and experience.

Hope is impermanent, it fluctuates. It becomes strangely mixed with fear, and fades away and gives place to despondency, yet in act it reveals that inherent good which prompts all to reach up above the sometime inevitable disaster. It appears to be a blind groping, yet fortunately, it is in some degree accurate, and partly perceives the good.

Faith does not fluctuate, it is always permanent. But Hope has its sunshine, for without it life would be, for many, very somber. It is not given to all to stand boldly and rigidly before a wave of adverse circumstances. Herein Hope is sought, having a sweet feminine sense which contrasts somewhat with the stern masculinity of Faith. In the course of experience all have not the power to consider the outcome of thought and action, but a trust, a hope that all will be well, approaches very closely to a just realization. It buoys and sustains; it relieves the dull weight which gross ignorance would carry; moreover it reveals the truth of the intuitive sense. It takes us in this way to a right and true source and would seem thus to transcend known experience. Hope, in its fullness is the borderland refuge by which we must pass to faith. It is a stay to the aspirant for truth seeking among many phases for a permanent reality, catching a glimpse here and there, and hoping and believing that time and experience will show exactly what course to pursue, along which, with the knowledge gained, it will be possible to go without deviation. Hope will help him to find Righteousness and will take him to the Stronghold Faith, wherein he will dwell steadfast and secure.

Trial and perplexity teach one the wiser meanings of life; and the way to speed their departure is to grasp the meaning as quickly as possible.
—Lilian Whiting
Look forward fearlessly, and do not penetrate, or seek to penetrate, too closely behind the veil. Drown all doubts and fears in the duties of the present, and solve all difficulties by steady, persistent work.
—P. A. Sheehandiv

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