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The Royal Visitor

My thoughts are often like a motley crowd
That fill the street with ignominious cry,
But now and then amid the tumult loud
The kingly truth goes by.
I know not whence he comes, or whither bound
Our city's royal visitor may be,
But where he walks a silence spreads around—
All yield instinctively.
Then many narrow views which I have held,
Mistaken aims and selfish hopes and pride,
Hasten away, by very shame compelled,
And from my presence hide.
So pure is truth, so beautiful and kind,
So all-commanding is the voice that calls,
A hundred aspirations, long confined,
Break from their prison walls.
Stephen Tracy Livingstone in "Forward"

By love of Truth the sincere escape iniquity. Like the elephant well subdued and quiet, who permits the king to mount on his trunk, thus the man that reveres righteousness will endure faithfully throughout his life.

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Stephen Tracy Livingstone

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