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Exhortation (Poem)

O! Use thy moments as they flee
In aspect of eternity;
In acts abides the actor.
Eternal Truth when understood
Turns curse to bliss, the bad to good;
Make Truth thy life's great factor,
Seeds, growing,
Never waning,
But attaining
To resplendent
Glories of the realms transcendent.

Repeated sin destroys the understanding, and he whose reason is impaired repeats his sins.
The constant practicing of virtue strengthens the mental faculties, and he whose judgment stronger grows acts always right.

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Paul Carus

  • Born on July 8th, 1852 in Ilsenburg, Germany and died on February 11th, 1919
  • German-American author and philosopher
  • Immigrated to the United State in 1884 and lived in Chicago.
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