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Chastity is a condition of the heart and not merely of the body; it is the affirmation of man's divine goodness and the inherent purity of his nature; it is the ideal which all great teachers have set before themselves to attain, and is the highest state man can aspire to in this life. It is only realized after much struggle—mental, physical, and spiritual.

To attain chastity is to become once more as a child, pure, sweet, simple, and innocent, not with the innocence of ignorance, but of wisdom. And if one could become perfectly chaste here and now, with the heart calm and steadfast, and the mind serene and equipoised, and the soul light and free and joyous—because of its perfect freedom in purity,—then would life appear a grand and harmonious symphony, and being a beautiful reality.

"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God!" To him whose heart is pure, whose whole life is chaste, come innocent children, sweet women, troubled men; to him they tell their joys, reveal to him their hearts, and pour out the sorrows of their lives. For he intensifies their joys, removes their doubts and fears, shares their troubles, and, by his sympathy and love, lessens their sorrows. Before him the good feel ashamed, and the impure glad; for he shows to the former that which they have not attained, and to the latter he reveals the beauty of a life undreamt of by their bedimmed consciences.

Now, how shall a man in a world of unchastity, attain chastity? By casting out from the mind all those thoughts which are unchaste, and by removing from his heart all impure feelings. All those thoughts and feelings that are unnecessary to a clean and simple life are bad, and to be avoided. The mind lives on what it feeds, and the heart by what it loves; and the body reflects the thoughts and aspirations of the mind and heart in feeling. Therefore if the body is filled with impure desires instead of chastity, the fault lies in the mind and heart, and not till they have been purified will the body be chaste and obedient. First a thing is in thought, then in feeling, and lastly in action. If the mind dwells on purity, the heart will reflect it, and the body make it manifest. Then is the whole life chaste and beautiful, being filled with love and goodness.

In order to become chaste one must first cultivate the love of chastity. When we have attained that we shall have learnt the chastity of love.

Chastity is the perfect flowering of man's divine nature, and the true at-one-ment of all his powers and faculties; it is the perfect state of love, and the fulfillment of the promise of life.

"All men cannot receive this saying, save they to whom it is given."

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