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A Chant of Liberty

Sing, ye hills!
Shout, ye valleys!
Resound with song, ye mountains and moors!
Re-echo with rejoicing, ye crags and caves!
Sing, O ocean, of liberty
And earth, chant ye of freedom!
For the long night of captivity is ended,
The chains of our bondage are broken, and emancipation is born.
Sin, where art thou?
And woe and affliction, whither are ye flown?
The shadow of a dream art thou, O sin!
And we have named ye Departed, O woe and affliction!
Evil is gone hence;
Sorrow and sighing are chased away;
Yea, the reign of Darkness is ended, her tyranny is no more.
The morning knoweth not the night,
And Evil, your terror is gone from us,
Your anguish is not, and your power has vanished away.
We loved our bondage;
We were chained, and we knew it not;
Our afflictions pressed upon us, we cried, and no one heard us;
But now we have found thee, O Freedom!
And Liberty, we have come to live with thee;
For the Great Conquest is accomplished,
The Victory of Holiness is achieved,
And the glory of Truth is shining round about us.
Children of Freedom, sing ye!
Servants of Salvation, be filled with gladness!
Sons of Light, chant ye the Chant of Liberty!
For your oppression is ended, your burdens are no more!

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Filius Lucis

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