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Advantages of Thinking

To have learned to think, whether learned in schools or out of them, is to have attained the most valuable of all acquirements. Any system of instruction which does not teach a man to think falls short of the best results. A man who has learned to think continually separates and combines, and from the scraps which he gathers as he goes he constructs. Material is ever at hand, and whether he is on a journey, in the shop, or the factory, his eye is ever observant and his senses alert. Having learned how to acquire knowledge, he never finds himself anywhere that something does not appear which he wants to see, and having seen, will not sooner or later be put to practical use. Having learned to think, he sends forth every moment freighted with some sort of effort. He has learned the "value of work as a means of happiness, and of a change of work as a means of rest," and idleness as neither necessary nor recreative. He can catch an idea on the wing, and an idea gained is a source of true happiness. Such a man does not easily weary, and it is late in life before he grows old.

Time was, is past; thou canst not it recall;
Time is, thou hast; employ the portion small;
Time future is not, and may never be;
Time present is the only Time for thee.
—Motto on Sundial


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