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The Kingship of Self-Control, and The Majesty of Calmness, are two very fine books by William George Jordan. The various chapters are brief, but weighty with thought, and are eminently practical, but the practicality is of that pure and noble kind which inspires while it helps. The writer evidently speaks from experience, and therefore with authority, and the books are so excellent, and their moral tone is so high, that we have included them in our list of books for sale, and they may now be obtained direct from our office. See advertisement.

The Gospel of Divine Humanity, by W. Farquhar, published by Elliot Stock, 62, Paternoster Row, London, E.C. (Formally reviewed in these pages.)

Character, or the Power of Principles, by Frank H. Randall; Dyspepsia and Costiveness, by H. J. Ebbard; Yoga Methods, by R. Dimsdale Stocker; "Never Say Die," (a book on health) by J. Wallace-Clarke, published by L. N. Fowler & Co.

The Art of Remembering, by Rev. Chas. A. Hall; price not mentioned, Published by The Progressive Press, 12, High Street, Paisley.

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James Allen

James Allen was a little-known philosophical writer and poet. He is best recognized for his book, As a Man Thinketh. Allen wrote about complex subjects such as faith, destiny, love, patience, and religion but had the unique ability of explaining these subjects clearly and in a way that is easy to understand. He often wrote about cause and effect, sowing and reaping, as well as overcoming sadness, sorrow, and grief. For more information on the life of James Allen, click here.

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