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Avoiding Extremes

When the world speaks of Beauty as being beautiful, ugliness is at once defined.
When Goodness is seen to be good, evil is at once apparent.
So do Existence and Non-existence mutually give rise to one another; as that which is difficult and easy, distant and near, high and low, shrill and base, preceding and following.
The wise man therefore is occupied only with that which is without prejudice.
He teaches without the use of words; he works without effort; he produces without possessing; he acts without regard to the fruit of action; he brings his work to perfection without assuming credit; and, claiming nothing as his own, he cannot at any time be said to lose.

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  • Chinese philosopher that lived in the 6th century BCE (this time period is disputed).
  • Authored Tao Te Ching
  • Regarded as the founder of Taoism
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