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A soul once fought its way to earth to purge its path hereafter. It said, "I will save my life. I will climb to the highest." Alas! when it was claimed by the earth-sleep it saw its path but further ahead. The word self stood between it and the way. Bewildered, helpless, blind to the beauty around, it roamed afar and sought to enter the road which led to the life beyond. Years passed, and not one whit nearer was the entrance. At last the soul said, self must be wrong; for others I will return to earth, and perchance I may yet win the Way of Beauty. So it returned to earth and scattered recklessly riches and gifts of beauty. Again the Veil was drawn across the face of Life, and still the longed-for road was not found. Despondent, the soul wandered alone. It saw many reach the longed-for goal, but still the way was barred to it. Once more, the soul decided to return to the earth below. This time, it took up its abode among the poor Wanderers of the earth. Daily, hourly, it abandoned the yearnings for Self, and cheered, sympathized with, and helped its fellow creatures. Year by year, as its human frame grew weaker, it learnt still more perfectly the lesson of love for all. At last the earthly life once more was finished, and the soul was awake to the true life.

Self fails to win. Self kills all joy both in this life and the life beyond. Therefore, take heart and pursue the life of self-denial.
—U. S.

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