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Ancient Tyre and Modem England, by Philo-Anglicanus; published by Elliot Stock, 62, Paternoster Row, London, E.C. This is a singular and fascinating book. It regards Tyre as both the historical and prophetic type of modem England. The author brings forward fourteen striking analogies between the two nations, and then proceeds to elaborate his theory that the prophetical writings concerning Tyre have an anti-typical significance relative to England. He does not claim originality in this theory, but quotes other writers as having broached it, notably Cardinal Newman and the Rev. John Keble. He merely elaborates and particularizes, showing wherein the parallelism exists. The prophetic application should prove of vast interest to Biblical Students, and even those who reject this, will find matter of much historical interest in the book. It contains maps of ancient and modern Tyre, of the known world at the time of Ezekiel, and of the British Empire at the present time.

The Spirit in the Letter of the Word, as revealed by Oriental imagery, by William Richards, same publisher as above. This book purports to be a spiritual, and partly prophetic, interpretation of Scripture. Both the Old and New Testaments are largely quoted, and the passages given a more or less new interpretation in the light of modern views and methods.

Jenardana, published by Philip Wellby, 6, Henrietta Street, London, W.C., is an Indian story of surpassing beauty, with a golden thread of wisdom running through it. It is the story of a spoilt maiden, who becomes a disciple of the Yogi, Janardana, who leads her, not by verbal teaching, but by a series of actions, up to the final renunciation of self.

The Fairy Tale That Never Ends, by Louie Stacey, published by T. N. Foulis, 3, Frederick Street, Edinburgh, evidently aims to be both a story for children and a veiled satire on present methods in religion and government.

The Land of Nisan, by C. Regnas, published by C. W. Daniel, 3, Amen Corner, London, E.C., is a novel of the sensational and mysterious psychic type which is now becoming common.

On the Physical Basis of Human Life, published by Thomas Laurie, 13, Paternoster Row, London (price not stated), is a vigorous pamphlet of 24 pages, dealing with the subject of a non-flesh diet. It contains a table of Food Values.

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