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"Where the spreading Hoods are surging,"
Venerable Kappa saith,
"All the race of men submerging—
Deluge of decay and death—
Tell me, Sage, of some lone Highland
Still above the rising main;
Tell me, tell me of an Island,
Refuge from Decay and Pain."
"Where the spreading Hoods are surging,
Kappa, "—saith the Blessed One,—
"All the race of men submerging,
By decay and death undone;
I will name an Isle of Saving;
Those who find it, find the Best;
Nothing holding, nothing craving,
They have reached the Perfect Rest.
"This the Island of Nirvana;
Here decay and death expire;
Happy that serene Samana,1
Lit by Truth's illuming fire.
He hath triumphed o'er Samsara,2
Calm and thoughtful all his days;
Broken is the power of Mara,3
All untrodden lie his ways."
E. P. Buffett in The Open Court

1. An Ascetic; one vowed to the holy life.
2. The World-illusion.
3. The tempter or destroyer; lust, sin and death.

Solitude is the best nurse of wisdom.
—Laurence Sterne

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E. P. Buffett

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