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The Battle of Life

The world full of hardships is, to us near-sighted creatures, the one most in need of softening influence. We would ameliorate sorrow by covering it with the light cloak of sentiment, would brush aside effort and invite comfort to our fireside, would shake the tree of goodness and pick up the fallen fruit. So it is we gather so much that is damaged. A hard world requires all that promotes hardness not softness. We need strength to fight, not opportunity to flee. Discipline and suffering are our friends, not ease and mirth. And though fortitude looks too severe a weapon, it is the very one we require. Hardships would then become less formidable. The world slowly expanding before our gaze would contain real happiness. In short, having sown with diligence we should feel that we were in just proportion reaping the golden harvest of peace.

The fool who knows his foolishness, is wise at least so far; but a fool who thinks himself wise is a fool indeed.

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George Weeds

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