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Spiritual Sight

The gift of the Spirit is the reward of the persistent searcher after truth. After many trials, many disappointments, and many defeats he renounces all personal desires, and at that time he finds all that he has sought for.

Then he is pervaded with a happiness that does not depend upon outward circumstances, and he sees with clear vision that everything is working together for good. He who has once received this sight possesses a faith in his fellow-creatures that can never fail,—he sees truth in everything,—all nature seems to come very close to him,—the very trees, he feels would speak to him if they could, and tell him “all is good."

Such supreme happiness many may have occasionally experienced, although they may not be able to explain it, but it enters more as a reality into their lives than anything else they have experienced, and of this they are fully conscious.

It must be remembered that the growth of the spirit is a natural growth. We must be patient that we may not hinder its harmonious development. There are times of darkness, when all that has been found seems to slip away again; when that calm strength we once possessed gives way to fear; but this relapse is not real, it is only apparent, it is the stepping-stone to higher development and consequent power.
The soul must remain true to the light it has received until every cloud of darkness has rolled away. The fight may be long, but the victory is certain, and those who have experienced the first-fruits of that victory may rest assured that the Kingdom of Heaven is verily at hand.

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